Перевод песни Lenny Kravitz – Eleutheria

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
My life is perfect
Because I accept it as it is
The sunshine is shining
Because it is what it is
What a beautiful feeling it’s bringing
All the birds in the sky are singing
Eleutheria the fire is burning
Eleutheria the tables are turning
A new day is dawning
Because it is time for a change
With new consciousness forming
There comes a new day
Oh we got to got to keep on trying
When the children are cold and alone
And are crying
You got to understand
Eleutheria the bells are ringing
Eleutheria the people are singing
Eleutheria the people are yearning
Eleutheria this world keeps on turning, turning
Eleutheria the bells are ringing
The people keep singing
The fire is burning
The tables are turning
Got to keep on
Keep on keeping on