Перевод песни Pete Philly & Perquisite – Motivated

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Everyday when I wake up
I'm glad as fuck
That I'm blessed with a gift
And I've had the luck to Express
Putting in the effort to get out of the mess
I just work at it Now i've been given the chance
To sing and dance
And get paid on stage
To just be filled with rage
But thanks to discovering this hihopart
I've broken out of the cage
I, just need a time to see
How to be at ease with me But now i work hard everyday
And I do it easily
I stay motivated
To stay creative
And the days instigated me To stay dedicated, and i made it
I'm stuck to it Wouldn't budge for a fuck to it And when I said just screw it They said
Don't do it Philly
Stick to your school
Or your job, you're a fool
If your future get robbed by this pipe dream
But to me it's hype dream
It don't pay the bills
But it keeps me clean! (shit.)
I, stay motivated...
Five o clock in the mornin', yawnin'
Eyes all burning and I'll take it as a warning
To go asleep
But I'm way to deep sunk in my own thoughts
And I'm drunk
Did a phat gig and I blew up the stage
Came home to open up my rhymebook on it's last page
Where I left it Still writin' despite the fact
That my senses tell me not to You know I got to When I'm most creative
During the night and I'm motivated
To do it despite
The fact nobody wants to share the pie
Play fair, look you in the eye
With a glare when they lie
Every drop of energy
Within me, the man, goes in the masterplan
Whenever it can, more clever than most
Eyes on the prize
Cuz it feel so close
I'm motivated!
Take my rhymebook
My phone and my keys
Jump on the train
Open my agenda
Lets see
Got a call such as such 'bout so and so Got to send this dude the demo
Put my man on the promo
Need my expenses compensated
So the call i made it Got to put 'em on hold though
Got a second call
(uhuh uhuh)
Well no problem at all
I'll see him in a minute and the i'm right on my way
Got the new EP with me and he'll get it today
Arrived where I needed to be Arrived where I bleed it to be
The man who saw the
Hunger that he needed to see
Connected, Unexpected the venture round three
Up in Amsterdam quarter to three
Perquisite what is it Yo, you're late for your visit again
But never mind yo Come in my friend!
I stay motivated... (8x)