Перевод песни Pete Philly & Perquisite – Lazy

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I remain lazydaisy, hazy, crazy
Staying in the bed until an hour or three
Got some appointments, but got em all cancelled
Now I got the situation handled
Man I will get up and hurry shit up But not until I roll over bout three times
Get out of bed en take my caffeine protein
Then I slide to the double A scene like
Sunshine, pretty woman won't decline
When invited for a glass of wine
The time is about sixish, ready for a hot dish
Barbeque potstue or hot fish
What ever the case be, I remain lazy
Negativety today won't phaze me
I'm not bluffing, I'm trying to tell you something
Today I'ma do absolutly nothing
Cause man I'm lazy
Now it's seven'o'clock and I'm up in the garden, yawnin'
5ft glass of wine now I'm starting
To get that feeling again
Wanna write something down for some of that healing again
Chillin' again, after writing a few sentences
Ignoring my phone and all it's messages
See this just this
One of them lyricists
Fucking the business which
Is fucking him, in which case
I dismiss the shit
Keeping me off my path
But today I take a break from that and laugh
Have a blast as I sit back
Taking all the shit back
Today motivation is the only thing I lack
I'm lazy
Lying on the couch bag of chips on my belly
Focus on one thing, only on the telly
Juice and bonbons, and finishin my jelly
Should take shower but won't even though im smelly
Went to the delly to get all of my groceries
Eggs, chicken and cheese
Now I got the steeze to chill or just freeze
Every minute of relaxation that I can squeeze in, I will
Chilled is the mode I'm in
I'm nodding of need to piss I'm holdin in I hop in my bed and then I start to grin
Thinking tomorrow I should be sleeping in Cause man, I'm lazy