Перевод песни Perquisite – Relieved

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Pete Philly and Perquisite what is it?
Pete Philly and Perquisite that’s it yo!
First track and many more to go!
I’m probably already kicking it
Playfighting whit a chicka, cause
I’m still that wicked kid
I’ts been a long time coming, been a lot of
Running around A lot of hours of recording to create the sound
Give me a pound Perq, let’s make it work
Let’s get the product out and start the tour
Pete Philly rhyme galore, beat entrepreneur
Get together to give y’all what you’ve been waitin'
For Traveling to Amsterdam and back to double A
Where i stay in my modarate shack
And that’s okay Cause
Every way i can give back to this culture of rap
Is too phat for me not to go and do that shit
I do that with Perquisite, the 'What is it and I’ma fix it'-kid'
Every time I spitt shit it’s just fantastic
Bringing analogue sound back in times of plastic
I know what you want and i know we’ve got it
Pete Philly and perquisite what is it?
Pete Philly and Perquisite that’s it yo!
I know what you need and I’ma give it to you…
Pete Philly and Perquisite what is it?
Pete Philly and Perquisite that’s it yo!
I mean, Perqy is killing it, y’all is feeling it
And even trying to download that ish off the net
Won’t get upset though It’s a great outlet yo
No regrets so just come to our show and show up
As we show you, why we blow up and showing
You pieces of our live as we grow up now hold up
Have u ever had the feeling of feeling the healing
While your listening and you chilling to the music?
The reason why we do it we’re pleasing while we do it
And we’re cheezing while we do it
And i knew it too, we supposed to be doing this
We be going through this and we’re doin it for you!
Lady’s and gentleman, welcome to the Pete Philly and Perquisite
Show! Since he only wanted to write twelve bars, we’ve only got
One two three and zero to go!