Перевод песни Youth Group – On a String

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I just changed my mind
I traded it in
For a new sheet of skin
and tea within.
The doctors couldn’t presribe
Anything else from the medicine shelf
Oh cure thyself.
My life’s on a string
I’ll do anything
to get myself back.
I hang by a thread,
oh let’s go to bed
and get ourselves back.
I just lost my head.
I’m falling away.
The things that you say
will haunt you one day.
Love’s such a creepy thing
It gets under your skin
starts sticking in pins and festering.
My life’s on a string
I’ll do anything
To get myself back.
I hang by a thread
Oh let’s go to bed
And get ourselves back.
My life’s on a string
My life’s on a string
My life’s on a string
I’d do anything
I wanna know you.