Перевод песни Busdriver – Pompous Posies! Your Party's No Fun

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This year I thought I'd do away with celebrity-endorsed barbarism
And to keep the people guessing get a bio-diesel engine
To cut my carbon emissions
Further my career by trading favors with aged ravers
You know, use the barter system
But I sat on my black ass sucking on sassafras
In my apartment bitching
Last year you were posing on the hood of a Lamborghini
In Gucci glasses and a tan bikini
Dating Meg White, eating tiramisu
I was rapping at a test site, banned from TV
And in therapy too
For pulling firearms out of Jell-O molds
With a sinister grin the color mellow gold
Running from the Southland PD
Pompous posies your party's no fun
Yeah whooptie-do
You can't offset the OG's cardio-sponge
Yeah whooptie-do
Though you've made millions off us Yeah whooptie-do
This year we're getting off our butts
Yeah whooptie-do
This year I thought I'd cover you
With a thicket of wet unwarranted smooches
Rather than entertain sore feelings at board meetings
With these corporate mooches
Or being run over by un-sober law enforcement douches
It's sensible that I'm a randy-romper
A panty-dropper with these whorish pooches
Last year I was passing out Green Party leaflets
When you're at the chalet on ski-trips
Getting neo-cons all peeved and miffed
Heaving and choking on beef-bits
Cuz I ain't appeasing shit
Wearing tutus and a Bluetooth in a Subaru
Yeah you too
Can get your knees split, bitch
Last year they made buoys out of bloated bodies in the Big Easy
And nobody liked what the
Blowed embodied yet they bit freely
Rappers used recording booths
Like porti-potties being inexplicably cheesy
And I'm an out of work hobo
At the Mojave with a dripping squeegee
This year I'm going to make only one friend
This squatter girl at the opium den
Checking her viral load, wearing a bridal robe
Fresh off her codeine-drug bend
Cuz fuck them pop divas
They need pitch shifters and Brita pitchers
Full of mixed liquor, I'm a clit piercer
Of that bitch nigga who manages you