Перевод песни Miles Bonny – Yes I Do

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Let’s take a trip so we can float on the water
Yes I do
Will you play some games with me-
Yes I do
You know that your touch is something that I love to feel
Yes I do
What is it with you that I be for real?
Yes I…
Do Do
Do Do Do
Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do
Da da dum, da da dum, da da bum
You know about those other girls and how they make me feel
What eyes understand if you are here
Forming your selfish ways
Do what you’ll give me praise
I give you respect
I lay my head on your chest
Do Do, hey
Do Do Do Do Do Do Do
Hey, hey, hey
Whoa maybe
You got a baby
There is the moon, there is the stars
Look to the sky, here from Mars
And back again
You are my friend
Treat yourself right, and eachother
We love you like eachother
We love one another and we love ourselves
We love this time, we love our health
If you know what I’m saying, say that you feel me
Yes I do
And if you don’t understand then you should maybe
Figure that out
Nothing’s crazy as you think I am…
(Soft Speaking)