Перевод песни Blackalicious – Rhythm Sticks

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Rhythm sticks, rhythm sticks
Get 'em, Go!
Go from out the gate the great
Create the styles that dwell within
The flow no doubt will wake you
Take you acres away well within
The sacred space, the place
Where we awaken from this hell within
If you ain't heard about my crew I guess I have to spell it then
B, B is for the beat you knock while puffing on your L
L, is for the lyrics on the beat that have to gel
A, A is for the absolute that dwells
Everywhere you can't see see see see
C, is for creating that is if you're in the K
K, is for the knowing which will bring us back to A
A, as in another A and then another L
I, hope you follow me me me me
I, I as in myself, myself and me
C, Cultivate and capture, put a cease to I
Ignorance, cause ignorance must die die die
Fly away, make us free free free free
O, O is for the oneness that is you, U U
U is universal like the sound you're listening to
S, Essence of the spirit in the music
That opens up the Chi Chi Chi Chi
Rhythm sticks, rhythm sticks
Get 'em, Go!
Up and down the trails of many styles we can go
What's in store for the future, doubt that we can know
But in yourself we can create and we can grow
To be a vessel for these days days days days
Touching the moon and stars with such a cosmic glow
Rushin', MCs that end up in the hospital
It's nothin', sometimes that's simply how it's got to go
That's if you suckas want to play play play play
It's such an inebriating feeling
To be creatin' really it really makes me feel free
Y'all think this ain't the real thing
Then y'all just can't be listenin'
To what my ears are hearin'
There ain't no way way way way
I'm pitching
So twisted if you're hittin'
Nigga it isn't pretty
Wittier inner dealings
All in your inner city
I'll spit it when I'm ready
Committed venom deadly
Don't make me spray spray spray spray
Rhythm sticks, rhythm sticks
Get 'em, Go!
Now this is not your average everyday tune
It is in tune with frequencies speakin' through me
And keep reaching way out to you
Seekin' to find the triple I mastery through the rhythm sticks
Given to listeners rendered prisoners to the mu-mu-mu-mu-music
Inner centered vessel astroplaning travelers
Sent to this dimension here to inform the whole planet earth
Time is running out, at any moment death it can occur
Celebrate the moment fully, this is what you have it for
Avid rap fanatic magic, add it and subtract it
Rabid mathematic patterns, that sporadic manic anthem static
Cannot have a chance, enchanted random valiant chantin'
And some gallant cabbage grabbin' Stackin'
Hammer slammin' Captain stabbin'
Talent lackin' yackin' slackin' rappers
Smackin' wack 'em ballad
Tackle actors slap 'em backwards
Savage at this bammer crap is damned and banished
Never lavished; fans will go bananas
And command some Gab
A master at this transcendental gathering of rhythm sticks