Перевод песни Blackalicious – Automatique

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
It’s automatique-- now
So here bring my speak-- style
Show y’all how to freak-- star
Is automatique-- now
So automatique-- now
The sound you gon’keep-- down
Come listen and peep-- how
It’s automatique
It’s automatic sporadic movements on the brake
The moment’s magic the last thing that I should do is think
I burst the energy that hints that really it’s no time
At birth you start to think that after death back to no mind
A rest that makes you new again now you embrace the planet
And stand in all of all the thing you daily took for granted
The trees are posin’all unique in form make this perfection
The most important time is now tomorrow’s a projection
A co-creator if you only just believe in that
Right here today inside is where I find my freedom at Is simple as a lyric from my soul to yours as felt
I didn’t write this I just let the pen move by itself
It’s ART-o-matic
So blessed we rest in a space over-standin'
This breath’s so unique we must trace where we landed
Magnetizin’minor tracks is subliminal
So fiend-in to the evidence is evident I’m bein’true
True to the moment the channelin’the callin'
True to the heartbeat the passion and the formin'
This rollercoaster’s the one I stood in line for
Hands in the air these upside downs here are paid for
Make this relevant and here what you gotta hear
I’m recordin’all the secrets of my silent shed
Don’t think about it just absorb everything you taste
If it set you free you gonna find the ways
You’re who you gonna be unless you choose otherwise
If you let it flow the universe will empathize
Check your programs they monitorin’your sanity
Now close your eyes inside you find the clarity
It’s automatic!
Free your body know this ought to be open
Then lose control just let it happen then
Live at it and set it Move again your clarity start to assume again
I know this one twist will feel it in You think you don’t know the engine (???)
But it’s so automatic
So so so automatic
It’s automative, beyond the common logic native
Beyond the ball around my drama now I’m divin’waitin
So stop and wait this, now operate it on the wavelength
A thought of way is presented by true laws of nature
Across the nation a lost of patience is cost inflation
So caught in waitin', and contemplatin’obligations
Read up inaugurations politrations violatin
And all the haters all up it cannot invadin'
The honest tension, two orders sacred not created
Good thought I made it! I’m born beyond the constellations
So concetratin', and follow man we all are awakin'
It’s automative, you gotta make it follow faith in Come on come on!