Перевод песни Guttermouth – Second DUI

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Sound a little tongue tied
Better swallow your pride
Cuz you can’t find a ride
When you drink like a fish
Maybe you should not drive
Ill toot my horn as you pick up trash on the round a bout
For the next six months
With your ass spread wide
Well you got no class
Speed up to pass as your face hits the glass
Two burned out cars on the five overpass
You will see your girl through the jail Plexiglas
Drunk punk mini smart ass
Ill wave to you
As your bus drives passed
And now amandas calling time to hitch a ride
Lights flashing in me mirror
Its me second dui
(repeat chorus)
Left your parents nest
From the old midwest
You were second best
Put yourself to the test
Ty and five friends had enough of the old incest
And when he hear this im sure he will protest
That little pest and he shaves his chest
(repeat chorus)