Перевод песни Guttermouth – Party Of Two (Your Table Is Ready)

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
He's so tall
He's so slim
With that shit-eating grin
How can i trust him
Hey who's that in the ten-gallon hat
Why should i vote for him
It sucks
Big bucks
Americas conditioned
With pride they hide
Their real ambition
Let me retort on the two party system
Which one will you endure
When you cast a vote in a two party system
That's when you lose for sure
Hi ho hi ho its off to work i go Then off to lynyrd skynyrd
They smoke so much dope but then tell me to rock the vote
I'd rather be a retard
I'm to bushed to explore an alternative
They say
There's no way
It'll change the way that i live
(repeat chorus)
Go choke your chicken
This two party system
That's when you lose for sure
I'll go choke my chicken
It sounds finger lickin
But it smells like manure
(oh's and ah's)
Up to the mountains
In a cave i'll never vote or even shave
I'll was my hands of all this
Cause ignorance is bliss
Right on the floor i'll take a piss
While you endure political abyss