Перевод песни Joe Henry – Tiny Voices

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
You wild beasts and you creeping things
Get down in your place
Down with all the absolutes
God’s awful grace
Who wants to see this coming?
Who wants to think you do?
Better to be blind when I’m
Falling for you
Go and tell old Pharaoh
His time has come about
His pretty houseboys laugh and sing
As they’re filing out
They’ve set fire behind them
I see it burning into view
High upon the mountain where I’m
Falling for you
All manner of abandon
Is just the thing we need
Get ready for the country, boys
The town has gone to seed
The telephone live is sagging
With word coming through:
Put your head between your knees, I’m
Falling for you
I can quit this anytime
It’s just to help me sleep
It stops the tiny voices
And strange hours that they keep
Who wants to hear them bleating on
And have to answer too?
Better to be dumb when I’m
Falling for you
So you ladies and you gentlemen-
Pull your bloomers on
Swing up on the highest beam
And let the floods come on
Who wants to be there wondering
When the Wonders rage on through?
Better to say never when I’m
Falling for you