Перевод песни Deviates – One In Ten

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One in ten can’t please me
This time is our time to speak freely
The blur is gone, you start leaving
Too real, too fast at this moment
I recognize this feeling
I need a way to record this
I’m losing sleep. The last thing I need
I keep forgetting we can’t do this
Open my eyes and you’ve gone away
Counting down till I’ll try again
I’ll see You on the other side my friend
Can you see right through me?
I fear it’s you that can’t see me
Your face changes my face and you move me
These seconds last an eternity
I make the mistake and start thinking
I watch the picture start fading
We’ll meet again. Don’t run away
One in ten can’t please me;
A problem when compared to the others seems easy
The apple of my minds eye is free to have my mind
And as soon as its here then it leaves me
Retreating when I realize that I’m dreaming
I think its real but I can’t say
I always go and make a mistake and you run away
Don’t run away. I’ve got the time so you know that I’ll try again