Перевод песни Deviates – Grounded

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
A common goal and a plan of action
A way of life where anything can happen
Now try hard and state your position
Strong as a whole but hold on to the vision
By trying we all can be grounded and focused
The opposition is dying and we can see to keep the faith is not just a choice
But fate and they’ve made their choice
Now it’s up to you and me, how it has to be
I’ll take this road till it ends
One voice, one gal, no end
Trusting is not innate in me
Holding on to others used to bring me suffering
Changing sparks a fear in me
But I found faith in these three
And I know that we’re finding everything we seek
Working as one we’ve got the world to face
But we’re fine and we’ve agreed to be grounded
And focused holding on to our vision
Separate all things that persuade our judgement or cloud our vision
I’ll take this road till it ends
One voice, one goal, no end