Перевод песни Madball – Still Searching

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New times draw upon me i can’t forsee whats next
But i feel free to do what i have to do
I answer to, only g.o.d. i look up to. can’t say ive changed
Can’t say that im still the same
I mintain through my mindstrains to figure out the next move without pain
Still searching for teh way to work it out
Soul searching can’t do nothing about what lies next on lifes list
Will i live, will we ever get out?
Trapped visions that i must believe
So far away from i can’t retreat
Sometimes i find a way to get mine
Other times im lost, im blind
The pressure gets hard B
I can’t lose track its always on me
I can’t stray cuz it won’t go away
Gotta figure out the next move day by day
Times out!
Do or die, its my time, its my life, its my time
Do or die. do or die, its our time-its our lives
Times out