Перевод песни Millencolin – Lozin' Must

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When I am lozin' must in a conversation
It makes me use my imagination
Start to think that they're after me Cause I'm as shore as those monkeys hope
The chat goes on and I feel smaller
The guys in front of me they get taller
When, when I open my mouth again to tell them something more
They answer me with a hockeyscore
Must be strong, can't be wrong
Lozin' must
Yeah your loozin' trust in yourself (x2)
Well, I have this girl and I make her crazy
When I'm gone she's bored and lazy
I get a kick from pushin' her
But I'm not sure about how she feels about it My favorite hockeyteam are strugglin'
It makes my stomach bubblin' bad
Their hard time really makes me sad
We had some fucked up years
Now it's time to whipe away those tears
It's been a tough time for me this past year
Lots of questions who I am or what I wanna be I also found some answers the fog is gone
I feel better every day and now the feeling is here to stay
(chourus x2)