Перевод песни Millencolin – Lights Out

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Looking back in anger, looking back with joy and laughs
Don't ask me all those questions, cause I don't have the answers now
I tried to hold back, all my thoughts and all my dreams
Just to make thing better, I was using myself past my means
But all those days are gone
And I can't find the path that I should follow
I'm walking unknown land
Mile after mile I search the way back to my mind
And I cannot believe how hard it is to find
When I'm down
I used to make things easy, I used to be a happy guy
But now things seem so different, that I can't even play the game
I got to try, to find a way through all this now yeah
So what I need now, is someone to read the map cause I don't know how
I feel ashamed and I'm to blame
Cause I tried to be, I tried to see things from my side
And I also bleed, I also need some space
It's time to close this case