Перевод песни Rancid – International Cover-Up

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Back down no back down comin' up Rise up no rise up showin' up Lock down no Lock down comin' up International cover up What about the state of union what
About the games they're using
What about the kids that don't matter
What about
A general strike You don't know what it's like What it's like what it's like...
What about the cage gettin' rattled What about the international battle What
About the kids who are dreamin' What about the kids who got stopped
You don't
Know what it is like...
Love & unity
Set me free with a bullet & a gun
You said it was
I said it was somethin' It was no surprisin' I saw you cryin'
About you — said it's a long time gone
About you — Said your life's too long
Didn't see it coming
Your fears were hunting
9 millimeter
Stops you running
About you — said the pressure's on About you — said you can't go on About you
— now you're long time gone
About you — so what went wrong
Love &
Set me free with a bullet & a gun