Перевод песни Raised Fist – I Have To Pretend

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Feel like i have the wrong outfit
Like people read my inner secrets on my back
My fake smile is just looking for someone to please
Sunlight means struggle and i’m lost
The only time i feel alive is when i fall asleep
Look into my eyes i promise you’ll find no lies
But you act like i’m contagious, you make me feel so sad inside
I have to pretend, that i still have friends
But they act like i’m contagious, i want to confide
I just want to satisfy
Passing through the lines, with different kinds of signs
Every door in the corridor is a possible cave of hate
And i’m no hero to turn things around
My backpacks have lots of things inside, definitely not pride
Looking at my feet, trying not to collide
And i have to pretend that i still have lots of friends
That are backing me up but they back me up against the wall
I guess the story tells it all