Перевод песни Sanctus Real – Message

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
So there's no room for God's own words on city walls
That's ten more reasons to be praying for us all
We'd better fight because it might not be too long
Before they say they've made our faith against the law
And I've got a message I'm taking to the masses
And I don't care if anyone tries standing in my way because...
You can't hold us down
We're running fast and we're not stopping now
Going for the gold, we're going home
Yeah, when we die we'll return the prize
To the one who kept us running
Was right there by our sides
What a way to go home!
To everyone who's stood alone for doing right
You are the heroes of these dark, and desperate times
We can't go solo if we're gonna win this fight
We're only stronger when we're standing side by side
So, we've got a message we're taking to the masses
We don't care if anyone tries standing in our way because...