Перевод песни Looptroop – Focus

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Meditatin', contemplatin'
Waitin' for a new statement to take place in Behind my face in the racin'
Thoughts of running in the bathroom masturbatin'
Walking down the street with my sneakers untied
No smile on my face, waiting for the tide
To wash aside all the petty peoples
Watchin' me through peepholes
So they can run their beaks like seagulls
And diss for us to diss back (yea I love that)
But on this record we above that
There's more important things to talk about (talk about)
Than stuck up people who walk about
With they nose up my ass in my business
If you diss me, you really on my penis
Well you should take a good look at yourself
Yo Supreme, back me up cause I need some help
Yo yo while you meditate, contemplate
I try to concentrate on keepin my head straight
As I need pressure pills from this day till spring time
No sunshine makes my mind so tired
Never inspired, some days it feels like I should retire
When nothin' lights my fire, all I got is writer's block
When I need hip hop, I need some new shit to shock
The crowd with, and loud kids and wild chicks and fly trips
I just ask for a few minutes so I focus, so I can write it down and make you feel this
Make my biz rock the show and make the free Pripps
Make new hits for spraycan terrorists
Break specialists, those heads who still exist
Fuck magazine critics, non-believers and haters
Sit eye and eye to get my shit together, be the greatest
I ever can be, the mic go make me or break me But I'mma call Embee and he can provide me with a beat
In the end it's all sweet, I got my verse though kinda late
But I said what I had to say maybe somebody can relate
Some will commentate, with «yo he's this and he's that»
Me, I mind my own business, focus and ease back
I had to stay focused
Confuse me not with foolishness
I had to stay focused
Don't want to focus
Meditatin', debatin', contemplatin'
Waitin' for a new statement to take place in Placin' behind of my face facing, lacing
To grab the mic's blazing, amazing
Cause my mouth synchronize with my mind
Over matters where I stand never under
Cause that just leads to further
You may wonder what I'm thinking (right)
When I'm smoking, why I'm drinking
But my, stability just keeps my battleship from sinking (six feet deep)
I'm keepin' death from being demonstrated, I hate it Ish like that, that won't be tolerated
But put up with, but won't?
Cause a nigga like me ain't playin'
And my frustrations buildin' up inside me Can't allow my brain to go into overheat
From atoms of friction to dealin' with this what's on the sheet
Never go for debate
My overcrowded mind states too much
Typical society, i just can't clutch
No such as me though cause
I ain't the ones supporting the negative human beings
But i plead guilty to the crime of MC'ing
For your information until there's further notice
I hope somebody quote this
Too many brothers lose focus and you know this
Meditating, contemplating
Waiting for a new statement to take place in Behind of my face in the race in Thoughts of running in the bathroom masturbating
I gotta maintain focus
The shit i write gotta be the dopest
I gotta keep my head above water
To not drown in the bullshit and emotional slaughter
Like reporters writing shit, and mainstream press
Looptroop stands in formation to battle information stress
I get depressed when, we make nice tracks
And still get fucked up test presses
That's how the shit went
Cause of the equipment, could not afford shipping
But everybody chipped in beyond K-line
Barely got our money back
So we gave you your money's worth, because it wasn't whack
But enough of that, Promoe survives (while)
One after one your favorite rappers take dives
Take bribes and take lives for the currency
That worries me, the hip hop body needs surgery
Certainly, y'all know my Troop make loops
While they run around in circles trying to be the next group
I'm proud to be an underground hero
Don't give a fuck if you think I'm stuck in Ground Zero
We focus