Перевод песни Promoe – Identity Crisis (w/ Nosliw)

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askin for nothing more settle for nothing less
because we askin for nothing more, settle for nothin' less
What is my identity
Ich weiss nicht wirklich wo ich hingehör
Ich hab keine Verbindung mehr
What is my identity
Wie kann ich zu mir selber finden wer
sagt mir wer ich wirklich bin
ok! to the ones that are most important
friends and family, I’m known as Mårten
been around from my beard was short
and the things that I know it was them that taught
them to the rap scene I’m known from the touring
promoe — hear my name from the audience
tryin to make some money but the tax department
know me as a number and the law enforcement
see me as the enemy is that my identity?
lookin at the man in the mirror now can it be is it me? isn’t he? wishin we…
what? is somebody listening?
am I all alone let me call the phone
ain’t no answer what my father grown
hooked up with Nosliw vibes are positive
apprecialove what I got at home
but I’ve been around the world and I can not really stop from wondering why
they need a task force to ask for my passport
what nationality, credit or cash flow
social security number
where I been what I already done but
that can’t explain who I am what kind of a man most of all why I feel so redundant
Ich musste ständig leben mit dem kleinen Unteschied
dunkel zu sein in einer weissen Bundesrepublik