Перевод песни Promoe – In The Morning (w/ Daville)

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In the morning... she wake up beside of me Too tired to open her eyes scared to face her anxiety
Thinkin to herself he could go to hell while he's inside of me He still don't have the slightest clue what's going on inside of me In the morning... still tangled up in her nightmares and me
I'm too stubborn to say baby I'm right here
She's just one kiss away from me but it feels like we light years apart
Then I stall to talk but for those words it's too light here
In the morning... her body feel like a war zone
On her right arm a bar code on her left arm the scars show
In the morning... findin blood stains on the floor boards
From last night from that knife that now rest on her torso
Baby I know that you're feeling uptight
Sometimes from morning and all through the night
Me I ain't helping I act like a child
It's like a cold war everytime that we fight
Maybe I'm wrong — baby you're right
All I know this song can't play when it's light
Some of these things I can't say when it's light
I'm waiting from morning till late...
(Verse 2)
At night... I'm still awake till the break of dawn
After the show I finna go create new songs
Ponderin the next move to make with my pawns
Till it's too late and I'm gone
At night... working like there ain't no tomorrow
On the chess board of life with this time we have borrowed
Where vicious bishops plan attacks on the diagonal
And screwfaced two faced knights so called friends act all vaginal
At night... and the king's all alone in his hotel
Room pass out and sleep all through the afternoon
Wake up and forgot almost half the tune
But remember my queen and it's all for you
(Verse 3)
At night... when it's you and me alone...
And we make up and make love finally
Suddenly anything that you take tip's fine with me At night... it must be the darkness, the kisses, the whispers
The intimacy, the friendship please listen my sister
Cause when we worn down by the day
And our walls of defense's torn down then I say
In the morning... still feelin good when we waking up She's painting to deal with the pain ting now
In the morning... sesame, linseed, soy milk, sun dried dates
Oatmeal and buckwheat's how I love my babe
(Chorus 2x)