Перевод песни Promoe – Time Travellin (w/ Assassin)

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(in. edh, j. cardell, j. Campbell) featuring assassin
The word flew like bird flue over the cocoo's nest
The world's through sooot over to look who's next exposin the nakedness
From under your fubu dress insecurity the jewellery and all that foolishness
Promoe the time traveller pop up in every time zone
Take a look in to my calendar under tour dates on my home page
Looptroop.nu promoe the hottest vegan course on your hip hop menu
Getting home at night askin what the fuck got in you
We're stars turn your local bars into a sure shot venue
The vandal takin out clear channel blao blao
It's like watchin channel zero but we never bow down
To your evil empire
Stand strong like mao mao
All the way from Kenya, Nairobi to Sao Paolo
I'due hora son mi corazon? singing like Manu Chao now!
Tick tock, the tick tock the clock keeps tickin away
What time is it in new york today?
Tick tock, the tick tock the bombs keep droppin away
What time is it in bagdad today?
Tick tock, the click, boom! the bloods keep crippin away
What time is it in LA today?
Tick tock, the drip drop the blood keep drippin away
What time is it in JA today?
Ok, make me tell you what time a JA sun a shine
But it's always gun time
A JA cus, no matter what time a day
It is always 2:45 or nine a JA time for music so without a delay
Promoe do the rappin assassin a deejay
Passln the mike like a musical relay
Flowin smoothe like we're cruisin on the freeway
Well it's promoe and assassin so it's time to make dough
Keep the people rockin when it's time for stage
Show when you hear them thing
There clappin it's time to get low
Promoe gonna make them know, wha you make them know
Because just the other week i was shovelling snow
That ain't no figure of speech to say i'm smugglin blow
Now i'm in tropical heat
Where people strugglin so they in deep, pack heat, straight thuggin it yo!
Tick tock, le flic cops shootin kids runnin away
What time is it in paris today
Tick tock the chicken got the bird flue spreadin away
What time is it in beijlng today
Tick tock I'm sick doc a continent suffering from aids
What time is it in joburg today
Tick tock, the hip hop community got something to say —
Start promoting safe sex today
Well it's time for you to listen yeah
Cus when we say time we don't mean if a night-
Or if a daytime picture yourself as the international date line
Runnin through all the continents them at the same time
A when you look around you all you see a bare crime man a kill them one another
Cus them want f I stay shine if you religious then this must prayer time
And hurry up no bother waste time, a no play time!
We're depending on the pentagon
To build a better bomb
We already got saddam now we're eager to take out teheran
North korea — the world's a better place when they're gone
World policing these rogue states here to keep the calm
So many time zones each one's a danger zone
Whether it's humanity's vanity (or) nature's own way to say enough is enough
The hatred's grown out of proportion, caution man the race is on!
Well tick tock, the tick tock life keeps slippin away
What time is it in gaza today
Tick tock, the tick tock I feel like flyin away
What time is it in malirio today
Tick tock, the tick tock my budget: keeps tickin away
But where the fuck is home anyway
Tick tock, now get packed the poor gettin moved out of the way
At this time in new Orleans today