Перевод песни Promoe – Musick Bi$$ Apocalypse

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Tryin' to break it down for you real slow
Not get caught up with the ill flow
Shit I already blew it from the intro
To the outro can’t control my pencil
Suckas know that i’m down for the shizzle
Hit 'em up, shut 'em down — blow the whistle
On the game, feel my pain — hold a pistol
To its brain, let it bang — it’s official
String up, let it hang — we won’t miss you
Is you crazy or something, you facing your judgement
You get what you give, and you never ever gave people nothing!
Break your neck to this shit, record executives
Fuck your negative criticism
Breakin' records and shit, they could never get this
For the fact that they don’t listen
They sip the nectar and spit, no respect for music
But now watch the business pimp them
The public who love it say fuck it
They download, and down goes the game!
Musick bi$$ apocalypse, only a few coulda stay on top of this
When my crew roll through ain’t no stoppin' it
Nah… we adapt to the new situation
Rap for the new generation
Spit ink like an octopus — blow!
You didn’t know how to market us
Didn’t know how to fuck with us
What a LoopTroop Rocker was
Nor a DvsG conqueror, how could you…
Ever imagine or fathom my album
Ain’t measured by gold or by platinum
You robbin' the fans, you hustle the artists
Knockin' my hustle, I bust it regardless
Such a retarded giant on clay feet
Goliath and David you die in your favourite
Tie when you fuck with the hardest
I just manoeuvre smoother through the technology
Psychology low quality, high calorie society
My kind of shiie will prevail without sales
You heard about word of mouth
Absurd amounts of merchandise crowds turn 'em out
Like dynamite… boom!
What’s crackelacking, ledrac got the track you lacking
Promoe go back like the rap attacks
And why you actin' like it can’t happen?
When it already did, and you smacked to fuckin' fractions
Lights, cameras flashin' action (action!)
Artists so fake, and they’re facing a new phase
And the industry searchin' new ways
For their greedy needs but it’s too late
Toupees pushed back like release dates
Cause these days it’s hard for the majors to eat straight
It’s fittest of the fittest and we say