Перевод песни Millencolin – Ray

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Hey, what the hell do you want me to do? Hey, does it
look like I’m static to you? Well, you might look twice
cause I’m moving.
OK, you see that I can walk which is good, but still you’re
trying to make me talk like you would. Your intention’s
nice, you’re improving.
For all you know you’re doing fine, but I guess it shows
shows that even jewelry that’s fake do shine.
So shut your mouth now big boy, I’m just myself not your
toy. It’s in my nature to be changing.
Now is it so hard to see? You can not make me to be
someone who never will be changing.
So what the hell do you want me to say? Another halting
rhyme, another cliche. Well, you might be right this one
time. You take for granted I’m your servant subdued. It
doesn’t make sense to me, but to you. So here’s one
last bright make shift rhyme.
For all you know I’m just a fool, but I guess that shows
that you can not judge the dog just by it’s drool.
I’m losing you for a big smile on my face. You’re nothing
new and not hard to replace. I’m losing you but I’m not
losing ground.
So Peekaboo! And you won’t be around.
Cause I change with time and that’s not a crime.
Someone like you can not derange me. Yeah, I change
with time and that’s not a crime.
It’s in my nature to be changing.