Перевод песни Nekromantix – Rot In Hell

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Don't you fucking hate
Waiting forever
Just to have your fries served cold?
(That sucks!)
Or being on the phone
Forced to listen to crap music
When they put you on damn hold
(Piece of shit!)
Hell's Bells and Buckets of blood
You're nothing less than a twat
And if you waste my time
I'll dance on your grave
You worthless bag of slime
Why don't you suck my cojones and creep back into your cave!
Fuck you beeatch!
I hope you rot in hell
Tell what is worse
Than being stuck in traffic
Just to see some jerk cut in
(Fuck that!)
Or when your done in the rest-room
And theres no more paper
Tooth-brush fell into the garbage bin
Hell's Bells and buckets of blood
You're nothing less than a cunt
And I don't need you in my life
I'll turn your guts into a tie or a scarf
To end this bloody strife
Why don't you go choke the chicken
Before you make me barf!
Hasta la Vista baby
I hope you rot in hell
I can't ignore it and it gets on my nerves
(Fuck that! Fuck that!)
I can't get over how some people think
Stay off my back there is no room for you in my world
I hope you rot in hell