Перевод песни Nekromantix – NekroHigh

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Semper Fi, U Graduate & Then You Die
Nekro High 4 Life until U Die
U graduate & then it's goodbye
Life is like a school
No applications just pick your class
No matter how smart, any old fool
Is accepted and there's no exams to pass
High grades or low grades you'll get to choose
Your very own class mates, some of them you'll lose
Others stay to the bitter end
And that goes for both fiend and friend
Your time here can seem very short
So why not get the best out of it True friends will show their support
Get rid of the ones that don't give a shit
For once in your life let loose and have fun
After each moon there'll be yet another sun
Your destiny depends on a choice
There's more than one path to rejoice
When you think you do right
You can be wrong in your teacher's eyes
Grab the chance when in sight
Just follow the flow and improvise
24/7 school is all year long
Bad times leaves scars but make you strong
Enjoy while you can
Is the recipe to die a happy man
Do you think you'll get saved by the bell
When class is over it's time to go On your way to to your heaven or hell
A graduation party 6 feet below
Don't let yourself dictate by the pure
They're mind-slaves, ignorant and insecure
Remember you're in control
There ain't no rules in the school of rock'n'roll