Перевод песни Nekromantix – Life Is A Grave and I Dig It

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I dig the tomb of love
Hate, laughter & moan
A mausoleum that holds
The key to the unknown
And as the ditch expands
Demons arise from the depths of the pit
The more your mind demands
The more you get
Life is a Grave & I dig it! I dig it!
A casket stuffed with greatness
And things that hurt
Life is a Grave & I dig it! I dig it!
Watch me digging
I'm going straight for the dirt
Do ya Dig?
I dig the crypt of sorrow
Joy, desire & play
A pyramid that hold the answers
To creation and decay
And as the trench opens wide
Angels appears from the abyss
The less you in youself confide
The more you will miss