Перевод песни Horrorpops – Caught In A Blonde

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I've got nothing to say
I'm out of feeling
You're out of the game
Go have a whole lot of nothing
With her
My head is spinning
My tears are drained
But you've been tamed
You turned your whole life
Into something she can hold
Just when i thought
Nothing was wrong
You let me down again
Just when i thought
We had it down
Just when i thought
You would stay
You changed your mind
You chose wrong
I wish there was
Something to take
That would give things meaning
Give you mind to think
All her spites made me realize
You must be numb and a bit dumb
Dissing me, playing her game
You've turned your whole life in to Something she can control
Spending time
On the likes of her
It's not worth it Feeling that you got nothing to give
Just proves it You had more before
You got caught in a blonde