Перевод песни Bon Jovi – Right Side Of Wrong

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A friend of a friend needs a favor
No questions asked, there’s not much more to say
Me and the wife, we need the money
We’ve got four kids all hungry, one on the way
Slip these sweat socks in your shirt and pray they think your packing
Be sure to keep your head down, don’t look them in the eye
And don’t get fancy, Ricky, we are not Jimmy Cagney
Look at me, let’s do the job and let’s get home tonight
I got a half tank of gas and if we run all the lights
We’ll slip across the border on the wrong side of right
And just like Butch and Sundance we’ll ride until the dawn
Sipping whiskey, singing cowboy songs
On the Right Side of Wrong
We picked a helluva of a night, from the shore I see the skyline
In a couple of hours from now Rick, we’re going to get out of this life
We’ll stop for smokes, I brought a six pack, we’ll stop at lookers on the way
Hell, we’ll laugh this off, keep your fingers crossed that all goes well tonight
We’ll make the grade, they’ll know our names, I need a friend to drive here
Wear my necklace of St. Christopher and talk to him while I go inside
I’ll take that suitcase, get the cash and we’ll be gone before you know
Wait until we tell the girls we’re moving down to the Gulf of Mexico
A friend of a friend needed a favor
Life was just what happened while we were busy making plans
We never saw nothing, there was a run-in
.9 millimeter steel was coming for the windshield of that Oldsmobile
As the cop said, «Show your hands!»