Перевод песни Sick Puppies – Howard's Tale

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Age five, just a little boy shy
Is he ready for the big surprise
He’ll be playing Lego in a dream
When the shadows come to life
Age nine and he should’ve been fine
With a secret he’s sure to keep
Two times had to tell a little lie
For the sake of him and me
Now it’s over, I need closure
Hey, look what you did to me
When you were taking me home
Getting me stoned, leave me alone
I waited for mom to comfort me
But when I opened my mouth
«Don't say nothing, shh»
Age twelve and it isn’t going well
Now it’s 3 years to the day
Confused, but unlike you
This feeling won’t go away
Sixteen and the woman down the street
Has invited him to come inside
The first time, it didn’t feel right
It’ll be the last time he tries
I won’t say, I won’t say
I won’t say, I won’t say
I won’t say, I won’t say
Seventeen, all he’s ever seen
Is living in between the lies
It’s kind of funny how a mind
Can keep living in denial
Eighteen is a very strange scene
He’s still playing with the past
Expelled, maybe someone could’ve helped
If someone had known to ask
Nineteen and he’s innocently
Parked right beside a school
He stares at a boy sitting there
And the boy stares at him too
He walks over, he needs closure