Перевод песни Randy – Better Than Art

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Well my friend is even this a trend?
Then even I hope our career will end
I don't consider myself all that smart
I come this far by using only my heart
I wear my intentions on my sleeve
I'm not cynical I'm naive
I try to be as honest as I can
What you now hear
Is the same thing you hear
When you put your ear
Close to my heart
And that's why why I like
Music better than art
Better than art
You might think that
Something's wrong
Because I use the same chords
In all my songs
Then you say I use the same
Words too
I heard that before so So do you
Maybe I'm just not all that
Smart but
One single hand covering
One single heart
Is a nice step on the way
A small reminder of a Better day
Spit it out now
Spit it out on me Spit it out now
Now spit it out!