Перевод песни Nine – Euthanasia

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Are you down?
So down?
Slow down 'cause it won't get no good
So low?
I know it can only get worse from here
It turns black from grey
There's no way of getting up now
Now when you are down
'cause you see
I've got some news for you
There is no way of getting up And this road will only take you to the end
So come on It's done
No one is going to help you
And I I lie
Yes I'd do it again
One thing you know will be there
Is your darkest fear
And now it's time for you to do what's right to do It's just the way it's meant to be There is no light at the end to see
Everyday is one step closer
Everyday is one step further down
And do you know where we all are going?
You follow me to the end of the road where we die