Перевод песни Michael Martin Murphey – Michael Angelo's Blues (Song For Hogman)

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Rusty dawn again
Squeaking on its hinges there’s a sunrise made of tin
Rainbows on your floor belonging on your wall
And what is worse you’re not sure if you belong at all
The concentrated mind lags a bit behind
And lingers at the door
She won’t be there anymore
And as you realize you’ve forgotten the date
You see an unfinished portrait done back in '58
Sort of makes you wonder if it isn’t getting late
You can try to change your views
That don’t change the Dallas morning news
And won’t explain the blues
The oldest riddles still confuse
And the oldest answers of them all
Are still floating around
You try so hard to catch them
But you can’t get off the ground
So do what must be done
Go ahead and try to paint the colors of the sun
It’s already been done
But at least while others argue
You want beauty in the world
If that just means finishing the portrait of a girl
You might be recognized when you’re dead
And that is nice
But are you really sure you can
Pay that kind of price?
Michael Angelo