Перевод песни The (International) Noise Conspiracy – The Blast Off

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Ready for explosion, ready for explosion, unexpected yeah, unpredicted ride
Gonna set it all on fire, gonna make it all just fade away, just so we can’t
stay for long
The second heatwave, the second’s coming coming all over, over me
Like a rocketship all set to go, like a blast off to the moon i told you so
Get ready to go yeah yeah, misdirection — insurrection — with the conspiracy
Cutthroat times, cutthroat times and trouble so they say, anyway
Now it’s time to play with each other, now it’s time to play another ???
There for the final one, there for the final time, we’ll be just fine,
be just fine
Just give us a little bit of soul now, just give us a little bit of soul and
here we go!
Overload and explode! misdirection — insurrection — with the conspiracy yeah