Перевод песни Liberator – Natural Component Of Tears

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Sorry I didn't meet you there, where I said I would
I got stuck again with things that I had to do
I know I made a big mistake that you won't forgive
Last night I walked down the road where we used to live chorus: A natural
component of tears
I can't sleep at night, I get into fights I can't see the light,
I'm losing my appetite
A natural component of tears I've tried to take my life six times since you
went away
Now I've run out of pills to eat I go back to sleep
I wake up, the sky is falling down in your dreesing gown
I get up, and have a ccup of tea, this is killing me (chorus) Noone to talk to when you're gone — now I'm all alone
But I will find somebody new who I can pretend is you
Your brown eyes and your smile, she will cover up for you
You may think this is weird- what am I to do? (chorus)