Перевод песни Liberator – Film Full Of Gore

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Why can’t I be right for once
I thought I knew you but I don’t stand a chance
I called you on the telephone
And when you answered you were not alone
And now I have been missing my sleep
I think that I’ve been getting too deep
I don’t like going out anymore
To watch movies with monsters and lizards
Your smile ain’t so sweet anymore
It’s an ugly grin — It’s like a film full of gore
You used to greet me with a welcoming smile
I laughed at you and then we kissed for a while
Your eyes were sparkling, your lips were so red
No time to eat — we went straight to your bed
And now you’re greeting someone else with your smile
And on the phone it’s not my number you dial
When we meet I see you’re full of contempt
You despise me and you think I’m a lizard
Why can’t I be right for once…