Перевод песни Satanic Surfers – What Ever

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I have my opinions and try to stick to them. Call
Them childish if you want
But I guess the concept of that depends
On who sets the norm
And if submitting to the expectations of our
Surrounding means growing up
I'll try whole-heartedly to refuse
And I hope you're wrong when
You say I'm acting like a kid and one day
I'll grow out of it There's clearly a differance on what we define
As significant matters
But isn't it funny how everything
That's imoprtant to me is trivial to you?
And it's hard not to notice when
You express your self so explicitly
With harsh words and pleasantries
To ridicule me. Harsh words...
You can say what ever you might
Have to say about me But doesn't mean that
I have got to give a shit