Перевод песни Werle & Stankowski – Lost In Love

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
is falling down again
the rollerplades i own
are hidden under dust
the drops
are pounding on my door
i giess winter's coming soon
and it won't be the last
i'm lost in love
i'm lost in love
and there's no way leading out
sometimes i go to take a walk in the park
to meet all my sorrow and pain
that's what i need to get me out of the dark
though often shadows remain
oh lord
you lead me through the night
my dreams are full of light
when i wake up i know
that you're here
and yu never disappear
you're standing by my side
each time i'm down and out
i watch
the city lights from my appartments window still
and it gives me such a thrill
that behind
each shining dot there is a room with people who
are all having their own show