Перевод песни Chris Ledoux – Getting By A Quarter At A Time

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She’s not a kid anymore she can hide her age in these dim lights
Waitin' tables in this bar ain’t what she’s lookin' for
The short years fly by but oh the long long nights
A bar tends to make a woman hard
Read a story in the lines beneath her eyes
As tips hit the table they jingle and they jangle
Get her by a quarter at a time
She’s getting by a quarter at a time a diamond in the rough has lost her shine
Slingin' drinks at least will pay the rent again get her by a quarter at a time
Another man stands up to leave she’s always been left behind
The change she’s waitin' for keeps walkin' out the door
But her quarters are sliver lined she’s danced to everybody’s tune
But gettin' stepped on don’t make her cry
But after work the jukebox brings a little tear drop
The memories cost a quarter at a time
She’s getting by a quarter…