Перевод песни The Redskins – Turnin' Loose

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
For the first time
After too many years of waiting
It’s a fine thing to see working people
Stop celebrating
The passive state in which they eke out life
Accepting strife
And gracious for it too We’ve stopped running
Mothers and lovers
Breaking out of years of passive living
Always giving service to the lip of men
Who’ve never given them
The chance to serve themselves
To stand their own
And win a world they have a part in
And now that’s starting
There an’t no stoppin' what we can do
Fan this fire
An' we’ll be turin' loose
Police make crimes of picket lines
And the working man
He hasn’t got the right
To fight to save his living
Then is given no choice
Once young & old sat tight
But now
They fight to win a world they have a part in
We bought their lies. Now stop! Realize!
If we stop running, they can’t chase us!
Breaking backs, bones an' brandin' names
Is turnin' loose these furious flames
Fan the flames an' we’ll be turnin' loose!
A world is waiting. Quit waiting too
You’ve got to take what they’ll never give you
The runnings stopped cos the penny’s dropped
Fan these flames an' we’ll be turnin' loose!