Перевод песни Faith No More – The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies

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All the same greats, the same mistakes
It doesn't have to be like this
If you don't make a friend, now
One might make you
So learn
The gentle art of making enemies
Don't look so surprised
Happy birthday... Fucker!
Blow that candle out
We're gonna kick you
(Don't say you're not because you are) x2
(History tells us that you are) x2
All you need is just one more excuse
(You put up one hell of a fight) x2
I wanna hear your very best excuse
(Never felt this much alive) x2
Your day has finally come
So wear the hat and do the dance
And let the suit keep wearing you
This year you'll sit and take it
And you will like it
It's the gentle art of making enemies
I deserve a reward
Cause I'm the best fuck that you ever had
And if I tighten up my hole
You may never see the light again
(There's always an easy way out) x2
(You need something wet in your mouth) x2
Never felt this much alive