Перевод песни Blue Cafe – Always The Same

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Don’t wait for my inside, it is always the same
Don’t ask me for any sens, why, I’m always the same
Won’t somebody tell me why it all just feel this way
Won’t somebody try to make me stay
Hold me now
Holt me tired cause otherwise I’ll run away, run away
So hold me now, so, so close
I’m gonna tell you that I’m
I’m gonna nearly tonight
And I, and I hope you never let me down my love
You every be my side
So the day I choose
To tell you every little thing I’m hiding now
(I'm gonna tell you about my soul)
Say, I don’t want, I don’t wanna stay
Stay on love, I believe
We’ll stay out of the world I don’t wanna be here
All by myself cause I need your love