Перевод песни Blue Mountain – Black Dog

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I got a black dog by the name of Bill
We lives in a shack on the top of the hill
Sleeping all day, Howling all night
Don’t you monkey with the puppy or you’ll get yourself a dog fight
WellI don’t know what I’ve been told
Got a big black dog, got a whole lot of soul
Running through a field, lookin for a meal
You better run and ride from the beagle and Big Bill
A young rebel by the name of Frank
Got himself a bottle and took a little drank
Took a little drank, got a little drunk
Got bit by the black dog, had to blow a big chunk
A pretty young thing by the name of Katy
Said it ain’t no fun being Franky’s old lady
When he gets to drunk, acted like a punk
Can’t get it up and give her that sweet funk