Перевод песни Nickelback – Old Enough

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She's old enough
She knows enough
She's thrown up
So throw her
Out to me
And I'll treat her like she was mine
Not my belief
You got your way and I'll get mine
And I can't eat
I can't sleep
Oh, But Thank you for coming
And why do we always laugh
While we're in this discussion
Should have known enough
Never grown enough
Alone enough
To know my
Way will be
The path I wanted to try
If it fairs to be
Good for me than I'd rather die
Black words always lead to something
Bury her cause her time was cut thin
All the while you just stood and stared
Never cared to help we just got carried away
Lately it seems like my dreams have started to die
It occurred to me on the inside I guess so have I
Standing here with my two feet
Enjoy it now because it won't be
Some way
Some how
The things that keep me alive
Aren't living here anymore