Перевод песни Nickelback – Cowboy Hat

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Yes he wore a cowboy hat
Each bone broken in his back
All the money and all the gold
Couldn't buy my love at 8 years old
Now I'm in love with a girl that's wrong for me Ask her, she will disagree
Her father was a small town man
With small time dreams and small town hands
But I was there when there was nobody home
Please believe me when I say, I dunno
Gone for good in fact but what does it mean
Within a year they always sold them but
Easy enough to just look at her
Whole world on a silver platter
What's that? Is that bad for me?
If I would set her conscience free
Won round one but its not over
He don't care cause he didn't know her
Too long it's not the same
If I could lend a hand in shame
You'll always be So much easier to see
Don't hide from me That which I've already seen
You lie to me More than occasionally
Don't lie to me You lied to me
I'm as high as I'll ever be I don't mind, Stay and see
They've all gone, Why don't we Lonely as you and me
I'm as high as I'll ever be Later on last to see
My past is gone, only from me
I'm alive
Remember when it was me Driving has come down just for me And then we'll try as we've been