Перевод песни Spineshank – Play God

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Trying to understand
How someone like you can still sleep at night
Or are you too busy playing god
To fuckers that are chewing at your lies
(Another loser born?)
Fed on my fragile mind
Still I stood up on my broken knees
Cause everything that you took
Gave me immunity to your disease
(Another life is torn?)
I won’t hear, I won’t see
I will never be a part of your cause
Cause I’m alive, and I still breathe
And your just a fucking waste of
Time, what you tried to offer me
Was it really worth it?
Sew up this hole inside of me
Cause you’ll never take it
I don’t fear what you are
Because you’re only dangerous to what is weak
Clinging to the stories you create
You make a living off of Souls that bleed
Another dotted line
I’m becoming of nothing
This is what you started
Never take it