Перевод песни Project 86 – Cavity King

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Desires in conquest to Murder her, maim her
Progress possession in blackmail entrails to Pursuit your end for
Regret with shame, no end to shade
Bait her in, comfort complete
Then move to kill
Red ink
Spills from her veins
Your quill still draws her in Red ink
Spills from her veins
In curses, in cursive
This is regret in it's purest
A simple plan here
Your on the trail of the
Hunted, haunted now
Smiling and nodding
She'll go without a fight (without a fight)
To your delight
She's unaware
She's helpless in your sights
Though brief
Murdering heaping
The coals, the heat
Surgery pending
For you're the king
Of cavity quenching by Inching the tips
Of fingers across the
I know
You ache
But she is alive
I know
You ache
But she's more than a story
Your entries made public
Your journals in crimson
Her veins filled with red ink
Your quill spills in crimson