Перевод песни The Ike Reilly Assassination – The Mixture

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Girl don’t like the mixture in me, the liquid in me, the fiction it frees
The liquor in me, the Mc' in me, the fried out lights for eyes she sees
Girl don’t like the distance in me, the danger in me the sickness in me
The stranger in me, the quickness in me, the shiftlessness and shift in me
From a boy in dreams, to a man in the arms, of a woman that’s become another
line in a song
To a holiday killin', prescription fillin', semi-part-time gospel spillin'
Clubfoot boyfriend landlord villain, make you love me when you’re not willin'
But stay with me anyway I’m a brand new believer
I went to the tomb without you, and they wouldn’t receive me no no no no they
wouldn’t receive me
Girl don’t like the greed in me, the speed in me, her need for me
The weed in me, the dealer in me, the schemer in me, the dreamer in me
I was never one of these school yard playground point guard crossover
levitatin' head fakin' myth makin' long range shot takin' pain killer high,
got me in the parking lot
Girl don’t like the fader in me, the invader in me, the penetrator in me
The not quite fader awayer in me, the I will see you later in me
But stay with me anyway, I’m a brand new believer
I went to the tomb without you, and they wouldn’t receive me
No no no no, they wouldn’t receive me no no no no
They wouldn’t receive me
Where were you when the wheels fell off in Birmingham
Where were you when I shed my skin in vain
Where were you when we slid right off the motorway
Maybe you stepped away took a vacation day
You said a day with me is a night you’ve wasted
Where were you?
Where were you?
Where were you?